About Sadochok

Sadochok is a non-profit co-operative organization that provides for an open learning environment under the gentle guidance and loving care of experienced and certified ECE teachers. The program is geared to provide children of Ukrainian origin a multidimensional program that encourages and fosters a love for the Ukrainian culture, language and spiritual heritage coupled with social, emotional and academic development.


Parental involvement is mandatory for all registered students; it is fundamental to Sadochok’s success and future. We are connected to Dormition of the Mother God Ukrainian Catholic Church. Without their generosity and support, Sadochok could not exist and therefore Sadochok members participate in and contribute to the welfare of the parish. In order to make Sadochok the best that it can be, we believe in “paying it forward”. Every year Sadochok members strive to make improvements to the program for the next cohort without expectation, but with the hope that they pay the favor forward by also making improvements.

Classroom Information


There is one teacher and one assistant teacher per class. Maximum capacity for Sadochok is 16 children. The teachers strive to teach the rudiments of good citizenship. They provide a stimulating and encouraging environment for children to think creatively and take risks in a pressure-free environment.

Teachers recognize and promote the development of individual talents and abilities. Learning through play and basic academic skill acquisition equip the children with the necessary readiness skills for their formal education. Positive behavior management techniques are utilized to encourage problem solving among the children.